She has blossomed under all your guidance, kindness and care. You should be so proud of the amazing grounding you give each and every young person who spends time with you.

Here are just a few of the comments we have received

Our kids love Stickies!
Because it's small. all the staff really know your child and build amazing relationships with them.
They encourage their different interests and have a lot of fun. We like that they are all in one space, as they have the freedom to choose where to play with different aged children.
We feel really lucky that our children have had this experience of nursery.

My son has been at Sticky Fingers nursery for over two years (since the age of 2) and he loves it, as do we! The staff are highly trained and extremely nurturing. Many of them are also parents and so they really understand how important it is for parents to feel confident that their children are in a happy and safe environment when they are in someone else’s care. 

We have been delighted to find that Sticky Fingers has an exceptionally low staff turnover. So low, in fact, that some of the staff have been there for  25 years which is so reassuring and means that our son, in the time he has been there, has formed a really strong bond with all of the staff. He even wanted to invite them all to his birthday party! 

Sticky Finger’s is such a happy nursery and all of the children look out for each other and love helping new children settle in. 

I cannot speak highly enough of Sticky Fingers and the staff. And as a parent who has had experience with 4 different nurseries, I feel confident when I say you couldn’t find a better one!”

We are so delighted with M and B's progress at Sticky Fingers. You are all so wonderfully dedicated to providing a warm, caring, nurturing environment for our children and we have been lucky to be a part of it.